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I was a lesbian since I was little and I thought it was because I was born that way. I liked girls and even had a relationship with some. But one day my best friend took my to church. the pastor talked about how Jesus died for everyone's sin and took the punishment we deserve upon Himself. He talked about how Jesus came to this earth fully God and fully man who was sinless. That day I accepted Christ into my heart and turned from my sin of being gay. Jesus changed my life. <3333

amazing <3 <3

Glory to God!

Hey girls! Sorry we have all been so busy; the Holy Spirit is working though our lives. However, I wanna make some more ‘Super Christian Girl Problems’ soon, so send ‘em this way! xxxx



Hi ladies :)

I’m leaving for a missions trip tomorrow with my church (and a bunch of young middle schoolers!) and after that my summer TOTALLY explodes.  I won’t be on here much for the next few weeks.  I’ll do my best to answer all your questions tonight, but they totally piled up on me since I’ve been busy preparing all week!

I’ll be traveling a lot, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find someone to fill in for me and answer questions and make the picture-texts but I think you guys will survive with God’s Word and the Holy Spirit!  Remember to turn to the Holy Spirit within you when you’re confused and feeling lonely :(  He’s never left you, he’s very faithful!  Turn up the worship music when life gets hardest ladies, that’s the way to really live!

I love you guys so much, pray for me if you think about me over the next few weeks!

—Rachael :)

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This might sound/seem stupid, but can you pray for me that God shows me a guy who is my friend if he is the one. I have been getting dreams recently related to my prayer towards this guy and he confesses his love towards me but it's not enough for me because i have doubts he doesn't feel the same way towards me sometimes but sometimes i do. He doesn't know that I like him by the way. Please pray for me.

praying for you love :)  his word tends to be a great place to go when you’re confused.  Even if it doesn’t answer your specific dating questions, it is a great comforter sometimes!

My Testimony

On September 3rd, 1995, the greatest thing named Roxanne Oduro was born (LOL I’M JOKING!! I’m not the greatest thing-Jesus is :D)

My testimony is not your typical person who never believed in god, then encountered him and became a christian. You see, I believed in god from a long time. But, I kept on doubting he was real and abandoning him and saying I was a “Christian”

Anyways, ever since I was born, I was brought up in church. So, I did believe in god. By the time I reached middle school, things took a turn for the worst. In grade 8, me and some of my friends who had the same faith as me were talking about people who go to more than one church service to be more “holy”. We were mostly making fun of them and one of my friends even said “god may not even be real.” After that conversation, I started having my doubts. Eventually by the end of grade 8 I realized god is real and he brought me through so much things in my life.

Then I entered into a new chapter of my life (And still stuck in there until next year >.<): High School. I still believed in god, but I was pretending to be a Christian. I would go to church every Sunday, yet I would never read the bible during the week, I’d hardly pray to god, and I would watch inappropriate stuff as well. I was following what my friends did. In grade 9 & 10, I’ve ditched god so many times I lost count. Then It was Easter 2011 and my church was putting on a Easter production. Me and my family went. At the end of the play, my pastor would come up on stage and ask anyone in the audience if they would like to give their life to Christ. People would raise their hand and then my pastor would pray for them and everyone would repeat the same prayer. I was one of those people who raised my hand. I realized that I needed Christ in my life. And I wanted to stop living like how I was-A lukewarm christian, and become a CHRISTIAN. Without Christ, I wouldn’t be here, and I would’t be able to do anything on my own. So, I accepted Jesus into my life once again. Then, two months later, on June 26, 2011, I got baptized! :D 

By grade 11, I kinda fell back into the category of “Lukewarm Christian” You may be thinking “AGAIN? WHY??!!” Well, that’s because I did the same things I did when I was in grade 9 and 10. Then, I went to VNTG Conference 2012 in March at Lakemount Worship center in Grimbsy, ON. And that event changed my life. After coming back from the conference, I put my foot down and told myself “Roxanne, you need to stop being ACTING like you’re a christian and BE a christian. And so I did. I started going to my youth group on Fridays more often, and even joined my church’s Easter play “Heaven’s Gates, Hell’s Flames”.

I struggled to be a christian. Mostly because I was too lazy or I didn’t want to be judged by my friends or my classmates, thinking that I’m a Jesus-freak. But now, I really don’t care. This NOBODY can define me. Only GOD can. And it is worth living for god and serving him. As John 3:16 says that god so loved the world that he gave his one and only son so whoever believes in him won’t perish, but have everlasting life. I mean come on. How can you not love someone for doing this so that you won’t have to face eternity in hell, but in heaven? If that’s not love, then PLEASE show me what love really is. (Trying to come up with an explanation of what love is? Can’t think of one? Then your point is invalid XD) 

As a christian, life is gonna get rough at times. But it’s worth it. In 2 Corinthians 4:16-17, it says: “Though outwarldy we are wearing out, inwardly we are renewed day by day. Our suffering is light and temporary and is producing for us an eternal glory that is greater than anything we can imagine.” Although we suffer because of our faith, we keep pressing on because the suffering won’t last for long. Rather, it will be a great reward when we get to live for eternity with God.

I’m glad that I gave my life to Christ. I’m not perfect, all humans are not perfect. Sometimes I’m gonna fail. Sometimes, I might run away from god. But I believe serving and obeying god is worth everything I may suffer through. But will it be worth it? YES!

Thanks for reading my testimony, and I hope that some of your were inspired by it.

God Bless!! :)

— imperfectchristianchild

Anonymous said:

How can sinners go to heaven

Sinner can go to heaven when they repent, believe that Jesus’s blood has washed them pure and live their life for Jesus!